Domain Interaction Statistical POTential (DISPOT)

Source code and instructions for using standalone version including Docker image can be found here.

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The complexity of protein-protein interactions (PPIs) is further compounded by the fact that an average protein consists of two or more domains, structurally and evolutionary independent subunits. Experimental studies have demonstrated that an interaction between a pair of proteins is not carried out by all domains constituting each protein, but rather by a select subset. However, finding which domains from each protein mediate the corresponding PPI is a challenging task.



Domain Interaction Statistical POTential (DISPOT), a simple knowledge-based statistical potential that estimates the propensity of an interaction between a pair of protein domains, given their superfamily level of the SCOPe domain classification. The statistical potential is derived based on the analysis of more than 352,000 structurally resolved protein-protein interactions obtained from DOMMINO, a comprehensive database on structurally resolved macromolecular interactions.