Domain Interaction Statistical POTential (DISPOT)

Source code and instructions for using standalone version including Docker image can be found here.

Compute protein-level statistical potential for a pair of protein sequences


Input: a pair of protein sequences. Protein sequences in a plain format are sufficient for running computations, but FASTA format is recommended (see example).


  • protein-level DISPOT statistical potential,
  • extracted domains for each protein sequence.

If DOMMINO database does not have entries for a pair of domains (one from each protein), then "No information" will be returned instead of a numeric value.

Click "Run example" for a sample execution.

Alternative inputs: please refer to the following subsections of this website:

NOTE: A SUPERFAMILY HMM library is used as a subroutine for this execution mode. Please cite Gough, J., Karplus, K., Hughey, R. and Chothia, C. (2001). "Assignment of Homology to Genome Sequences using a Library of Hidden Markov Models that Represent all Proteins of Known Structure." J. Mol. Biol., 313(4), 903-919. if you are using protein sequence input for computing DISPOT statistical potentials.